International Response Training Course

8 Декабрь 2017


 Декабрь 8, 2017
Category: News

Within the framework of cooperation with the US Department of Energy, in December 4-7, 2017 in Almaty, the Nuclear Technology Safety Center, in conjunction with the Committee for Nuclear and Energy Supervision and Control of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted a training course on responding to incidents involving sources of ionizing radiation (IRS) or radioactive material (RM) located at civilian facilities in the country.
The attendees of  this course were key facility specialists, security guards, police officers, external response personnel, radiation safety specialists, security controllers. The participants of the course have the responsibility for responding to incidents involving physical security with possible theft of radioactive sources or sabotage at the facility.
This course allowed participants to improve understanding of the mechanisms and procedures for joint response to incidents with sources, and to improve the effectiveness of interaction between facility personnel and response forces.

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