Kazakhstan-Japan Working Meeting on Nuclear Energy Development in RK

Автор: | 02/11/2018

On November 1, 2018, NTSC hosted a working meeting of representatives of Kazakhstan and Japan. The meeting was dedicated to the issue of prospects for the development of nuclear energy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Participants from the Kazakhstani side: Nuclear Technology Safety Center (NTSC), National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NNC RK), Energy Systems Research LLC (ESR).
Participants from the Japanese side: Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC), Marubeni Utility Services (MUS).

There was a fruitful exchange of views on issues related to the nuclear industry. The Japanese side shared its extensive experience concerning construction and operation of nuclear power plants.

The issues on safety and economics of nuclear energy and modern approaches for solutions, advanced generation 3+ of reactor designs were discussed.

Recommendations were made that in the event of a decision on the construction of nuclear power plants, when evaluating reactor technology, it is necessary to understand that if a country wants to construct a unique type of reactor (technology) in case of any problems the cost of resolving them falls entirely on the country in which it is built.

In the presence of proven reactor technologies (line of reactors) there will be less complexity when replacing equipment, searching for spare parts, fuel supply.

Both sides expressed interest in continuing contacts in the future.

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