About us


  • Nuclear Technology Safety Center (NTSC) was established in November 1997 as a result of Agreement between Department of Energy USA and Ministry for Science – Science Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Programs of Scientific-Research and Design Developments and Technology Exchange Programs for joint program on nuclear safety».
  • On January 12, 1998, NTSC was officially registered as “Organization of legal entities in a form of association NTSC”.


  • National Nuclear Center RK
  • Association Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan (NSK).


  • To perfect the infrastructure of nuclear and radiation safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • To cooperate with international organizations in the field of nuclear safety
  • To reduce the threat of nuclear weapons, nuclear and radioactive material proliferation


  • Scientific-technical support for Committee for Atomic Energy Control and Supervision of Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Project management in the area of nuclear safety and non-proliferation
  • Evaluation and safety analysis of the units and technologies related to atomic energy use
  • Independent review of the nuclear related projects and technical documentation
  • Development, review and scientific-technical justification of the regulatory documentation in the area of peaceful use of atomic energy
  • Analytical support of safety of operating and future reactors and other nuclear units of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Management of designing of nuclear units
  • Management of decommissioning of nuclear units
  • Scientific-technical support for the activities on reactor physics and safety, radiation material science (computational-theoretical justification), and nuclear fuel cycle;
  • International cooperation in the field of nuclear and fusion energy, reactor physics and radiation material science, radioecology, new conversion and nuclear technologies, export control and nonproliferation, including information and personnel exchange;
  • Education and trainings in the area of non-proliferation and nuclear safety, including organization of international conferences